Move On


The first house moving i had in my life was as soon as i was born. For obvious reasons i dont have any reminiscence of that time.All i know is that i was carried from one tiny place to another without being asked or told.  

The second... that was a good one !!We were living all pilled up in a little apartment and we moved into a rented house. It had a big playroom, a garden and a swiming pool !

The third.

We moved into an even bigger house.We actually bought it.It had everything anyone could ever dream.But living there we lost the only thing that ever had a mean.

The forth. 

It was absolutelly unexpected.I volunteered to take care of my brothers place for some months.It really toughened me up.And i never went back to my paternal house.

The fifth and last.

My own house.I couldnt be the least excited when i moved into my actual place.It was a big step and i was terrified.

Fortunately...that first stage is over.And i have “lived happily everafter ...” la la la.

Nowadays i am not planning nor willing to go anywhere.

But no matter our willing, there will always be one last involuntary moving !

Although we shouldnt  worry about it, in that place luggage is allowed.

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